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The main finding of the book "A way to go"

Just for today I am going to be more aware of what greets me first thing in the morning,   from the tousled hair on the pillow of my beloved Soul Mate to the dew on the spiders web in the early morning garden sun.

 Just for today I will welcome the probability of a creator spirit in the beautiful designs provided by nature and science that I see around me and in the art produced by so many talented artists. Human and a designer God working together?

 Just for today I acknowledge my forebears and ancestors who are part of me and whose DNA makes me what I am. I will honour my celtish origins. I will try to persuade my successors of this too.

 Just for today I will let the joys of sacred and spine chilling music wash over me.

 Just for today I will break into song when the mood takes me and thus honour my two singing teachers.

 Just for today I will sit still for a quiet moment and welcome peace into my life, reflecting   on a sweet new granddaughter, Scarlett Winters, just a few months old, whom I may never know as an adult but who from her elegant long fingers and long feet will be a famous  dancer perhaps.

 Just for today I will honour the values left with me by Clifton, Sandhurst, the Suffolk Regiment, the Army and those who fought for us and the service they gave.

 Just for today I will open my soul to thanking Anne, all my ex wives, and all family & friends ... blessing them all for what they have given me and continue to give.

 Just for today I will look at the world and everything around me with an artist`s eye and hope to be inspired to create a piece of artwork, if only in my mind.

 Just for today I will let Anne take a piece of lettuce off my mouth and tidy up all my drawers (I could not think of a tenth item to come directly out of my book but this symbolises domestic bliss!)